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EMS Music Upload

02/28/2018, 5:15pm MST
By Admin


1. Log onto


2. Select EMS button on the main menu bar.



3. Select the competition name listed under your

Skater Portal on the EMS Landing Page.



4. On the EMS Menu, select Music & Program Content.

*Note: this competition is not offering IJS events

thus you are not required to provide Program Content



5. Select the INCOMPLETE button to begin your upload.

Be sure to review the music file requirements prior to beginning! 



7. Under Music File Requirements, click Upload New Music and select the desired MP3 file from your personal device. Need help with converting your music file to MP3? Click here. 



8. Once your MP3 has uploaded, you will need to confirm this is the correct version of your competition music by listening to your file (in full) prior to completing the upload.



9. Next up, copyright information! Due to U.S. Figure Skating's music licensing agreements, we are required to collect all copyright info. for music at our sanctioned events. Need help finding this information? Click here.

*Note: if you have multiple pieces of music in one program, you will need to provide copyright info. for each. Clicking 'Submit Copyright Info.' after you've provided the first piece's info. will reset the form for you, saving the first submission and allowing you to add in another piece. Once complete, click 'Close.' 


9. Once you've completed these steps,

click  RETURN to verify your music upload is shown as COMPLETE.



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